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Create Return Via


Create a Return Via from two existing via padstacks - a Signal Via and a GND via.

Define the geometry between the two vias either by pitch or by edge-to-edge spacing.

Return Via Library


All Return Vias are contained in the Return Via Library for Re-Use. The Library is sortable on all parameters.

All RTVs are editable and new Return Vias can be created as variants of existing RTVs.

Return Via Rotations


Eight 45 degree rotations of each Return Via are automatically generated for use in the Router.

A unique Return Via is named and produced for each rotation. These rotated versions are the Return Vias that are used and routed in the Router.

Add Return Vias to DSN


Select Return Vias from the Library for an alternate Return Via DSN file copy of your original DSN file.


The eight rotated Return Vias of each selected Return Via are added to the new RTV DSN file for routing.

Return Via Clearances


MakeDO adds Return Via specific clearances to your routing DO file.

Select Rotated RTV


Select one rotated Return Via to be routed for each routing Object - Net, Class, Fromto, Group and Group Set.

Return Vias are treated the same as any via by the Router and MakeDO.

Return Via Substitution


After routing, use the Return Via Substitution feature to assign a GND Net to each GND via in each type Return Via.


Convert the Return Vias back into their constituent CAD system vias and generate a new Wires file.

Export to Host CAD


In the Router, import the routed Wires file containing only your original CAD vias into your original DSN file.

Export a Routes or Sessions file from the Router to import into your host CAD system.

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