Timing - XNet Pin Pairs

PinPairs are the core of Timing in Constraint Manager. They define time-of-flight timing between any two Pins in a Net or XNet signal path.

CCS provides easy-to-use features for managing PinPairs in both Nets and XNet paths.and easy-to-see tools for graphically visualizing PinPairs.

Enhanced XNet Pin Pairs

Define XNet Pin Pairs for:

  • Specific XNet Path Pin Pairs

  • AD:DR

  • D:R

  • L:S

Specific XNet Pin Pairs can be created in many helpful ways:

  • Pick Pins along Path

  • Best fit component path

  • Create Star Pattern by Star Pin or Component

Pick Pins Along Path

All Pins in the XNet and their connecting series components are shown.

Select Pins along the XNet Path to create Pin Pairs.

Component Best Fit Path

Create Pin Pairs by ordering the Component path for the selected Nets.

A list of all Components in the selected Nets is shown.

Order the Components and Pin Pairs will be created following the Component order.

CCS does a 'Best Fit', so Nets have Pin Pairs created just for the Componenents they go to.

Star Pattern Pin Pairs

Create Star pattern Pin Pairs automatically by selecting the Star node Pins or node Component.

Choose Pins by Pin type or by specific Pin for each Net, Pin Pairs are created between the selected Pin and all loads.

In the Component view, select the node Component & Pin Pairs are created to Net loads.