Timing - Propagation Delay

Propagation Delay defines Minimum and Maximum time-of-flight between Pins in a PinPair.

Select PinPairs between components and apply Min/Max Prop Delay using powerful CCS component  PinPair lists.

Select, apply and see Min/Max Prop Delay graphically in the CCS VISUEYES Prop Delay Display.

Select Pin Pairs for Prop Delay

Define and select Pin Pairs to constrain with MIN/MAX Prop Delay.

CCS has many ways to define pin Pairs for Nets & XNets:

  • Default AD:AR, D:R, L:S

  • Select from Pin List

  • Draw in VISUEYES

  • Create with Component Best Fit Path

  • Create in Star Pattern

MIN/MAX by Sorted List


See a sortable listing of your selected Pin Pairs. 

Sorting makes it easy to see and apply MIN/MAX values to Pin Pairs between Components.

See to Verify MIN/MAX

VISUEYES graphically displays Pin Pairs and their MIN/MAX Prop Delay values applied in CM or in Capture.

See and verify in VISUEYES that the Prop Delay values that have been assigned by others are the values you want.

Min/MAX Graphically in VISUEYES

See selected Pin Pairs and their Components graphically displayed in VISUEYES.

Graphically select collections of Pin Pairs and visually apply MIN/MAX Prop Delay to your selected Pin Pairs..