Seeing All Constraints

CCS supports your most challenging Engineering Projects.

CCS displays CM constraints in a variety of views and reports for all your Engineering and Design goals.

CCS Grid

The CCS grid is a complete spreadsheet type view of all your Capture and Constraint Manager constraints in a single screen..

The grid is shown in Worksheets similar to Constraint Manager.

Hierarchical CM Objects and constraints are embedded with Capture properties to see constraints and Design Intent in one display.


The CCS Grid has Worksheet views:

  • Physical

  • Spacing

  • SameNet Spacing

  • Electrical

  • Parts

  • Pins

Each Worksheet has more detailed subviews to quickly see specific constraints.

Screens display in properties, like Prperty Editor, or in EZ View constraints like displayed in Constraint anager. 

Hierarchical Inheritances

Constraint Manager is built on a tiered system of Hierarchical inheritances.

CCS displays these inherited constraints in easy-to-read color-coded

cells and popups.

Hierarchical Inheritances include:

  • CSets assigned to Classes

  • Spacing CSets asigned to Class-Class

  • Classes assigned to Nets

  • Classes assigned to XNets

  • Classes assigned to Diff Pairs

  • CSets assigned to Nets

  • CSets assigned to XNets

  • CSets assigned to Diff Pairs

CM Objects

CCS includes Constraint Manager constraints and Objects as well a the Net-based proprties found in Capture.

The CM Ojects include:

  • XNets

  • Diff Pair Objects

  • Constraint Sets

  • Constraints by-ayer

  • Classes & ClassClass

  • Hierarchical Inheritances

  • Pin Pairs & Match Groups

Diff Pairs

The Grid includes many views dedicated to creating, dislaying and viewing Diff Pairs, inclding Diff Pair geometries by-Layer.

Diff Pair screens include:

  • Define Diff Pairs

  • VISUEYES create Diff Pair graphical parametric display

  • VISUEYES create and display Diff Pair graphical by-Layerparametric display

  • Diff Pair Display of all Diff Pairs and inherited constraints


Extensive Reports are available for Engineering, Design, manufacting and verification.

CAD Data Lists allow datamining for Engineering as you work in Capture.

WYSIWYG Drap-and-Drop Reports are quickly generated without programming. Results can be displayed, printed, and saved to Excel-compatible files.