CCS Reports produce database reports on Nets, Parts, Pins and their constraints, without programming.

Prebuilt Reports are built-in and easily modified for your reporting. Custom Reports can be quickly organized with the WYSIWYG Drag-and-Drop interface and saved for re-Use.

CCS Reports display on-screen, print, or can be saved to Excel-compatible files.

WYSIWYG Report Creation

Format your WYSIWYG report without programming..


Drag-and-drop fields to organize and structure your report.

IBuilt-in Reports make it quick and easy to produce your data,

Custom Reports can be easily created and stored for Re-Use.

Built-in Reports

Commonly used Reports are built-in, just add your Nets, Parts & Pins.

Standard Reports include:

  • NET properties

  • Part Properties

  • Pin Properties

  • Cross-type Reports with Nets, Parts and Pins

Display, Print & Excel

Report constraint changes using the CCS WYSIWYG reporting.

Drag-and-drop any fields to organize your change report without programming.

Reports can be displayed in real-time onscreen, printed, or saved to Excel-compatible text files.

Customize & Re-Use

Create & Edit Templates for custom Reports for:

  • Nets

  • Parts

  • Pins

  • Net, Parts & Pins

Custom Templates can be saved for Report Re-Use.