Integrated with Capture

CCS is automatically populated with your Capture database when CCS opens. 


Your Netlist, Partslist, and all the properties stored in Property Editor are in CCS, ready to work with.

CCS birectionally crossprobes and highlights with your Capture schematic, datamines your schematic for Engineering insights, and produces easy-to-use comprehensive reporting as you work..

Capture Database

Capture data is displayed in CCS inspreadsheet-like grid views of Nets, Parts, and Pins with their constraints.

Changes made in CCS update Capture as you work.

Changes in Capture can be refreshed and updated to CCS as you work.

The Net constraints have separate Worksheet displays corresponding to the familiar worksheet views in Constraint Manager.

Property Editor

CCS read, writes and updates Capture Property Editor automatically.

Capture properties are directly managed within the CCS grids.

Changes to properties within CCS are mirrored to Property Editor in real-time.

Changes to Property Editor properties in can be refreshed and updated to CCS as you work.

XProbe CCS-to-Capture

Crossprobing from CCS to Capture enables selecting in the CCS grids to highlight in your Capture schematic.


Select Nets and Parts in CCS to goto and highlight in Capture.

Select Nets in CCS by XNet, Diff Pair and Class to highlight these Nets in Capture.

Select Nets & Parts in CCS that have common constraint values and highlight these in Capture.

XProbe Capture-to-CCS

Crossprobing from Capture to CCS enables selecting in your Capture schematic to select in CCS.

With your schematic open, select Nets and Parts to constrain in the CCS screen.

Capture selections are highlighted in the CCS grids.

CCS data windows are automatically filled with your Capture selections, ready to apply constraint values.

CAD Data Lists

CAD Data Lists datamine your CCS Capture data to do Engineering and Design.

Quickly display popup reports on elements in your Capture data.

CAD Data lists can be sorted and copied to other tools, as well as printed or saved to Excel-compatible text files.


CCS has comprehensive WYSIWYG Reporting, no programming is required.


Just select Nets, Parts and Pins, drop-and-drag the fields to report on and graphically organize Report structure. 

There are many built-in Reports to use, or create your own Custom Reports for re-use.

Reports display in popup windows as your work and can be printed or saved to Excel-compatible text files.