ECOCompare Objects

ECOCompare Objects finds and displays changes in Objects. ECOCompare detects deep changes in the contents of Object.

CCS finds changes in Nets, and changes in the Pins in each Nets. It finds and reports changes in Collection Objects - like Nets - and in their Members (like Pins).

VISUEYES displays Object changes graphically and changes can be seen in color-coded sortable lists and reported in Excel-compliant text Reports.

Compare Objects in Capture DSN Files

ECOCompare finds and displays changes in Objects between any two DSN files.

Objects include:

  • Schematics & Pages

  • Parts & Part Pins

  • Nets & Net Pins

  • Diff Pairs

  • Match Groups & Pin Pairs

  • Classes & CSets

Object Changes

Object changes are displayed in sortable lists for each type of Object.

Changes between File 1 and File 2 are highlighted with color-codes:

  • BLUE - only in File 1

  • RED - only in File 2

  • BLACK with RED background -

  • changed between files

  • BLACK with white background - the same in both files

Collection Changes

Collection changes are reported from the perspective of the Collection Object, like a Net..

Did Nets change between File 1 and File 2 - Netlist changes.

Did Pins change in any of the Nets?

Collections & Members

CCS uniquely datamines changes in both Collection Objects and the Members in Collection Objects.

An example of a Collection Object is a Net, it's Members are Pins.

ECOCompare reports changes among the Collection Nets - these are changes between Netlists.

ECOCompare reports pin changes within a Net, so a Netlist may have no Net changes, but CCS reports Pin changes in individual Nets.

Did Pins move and change Nets between File 1 and File 2 - Net Pin changes.

Are Pins connected in one File, and unconnected in the other

Report Object Changes

Report Object changes using the CCS WYSIWYG reporting.


Drag-and-drop any fields to organize your change report without programming.

Reports can be displayed in real-time onscreen, printed, or saved to Excel-compatible text files.

VISUEYES Object Changes

VISUEYES graphically displays both Collection and Member Object views of changes.

Changes by Collection and by Member can be seen at-a-glance.

The VISUEYES display is shown onscreen in real-time or can be printed.