Constraint Manager Constraints

CM constraints imported from Constraint Manager are displayed and ready to edit in CCS. A PCB Editor License is not required.


These are the CM constraints not visible in Capture Property Editor.


With CCS, you can see and work with XNets, Diff Pair Objects, PCB stackups, Constraints Sets, Classes, and Class-to-Class Relational Spacing Objects, as well as timing with XNet PinPairs, TPoints and Match Groups..

XNet Objects

XNets, created in PCB Editor, are visible in CCS.

PinPairs can be created along XNet paths and used in Prop Delay and Relative Prop Delay constraints.

Assign Classes and by-layer CSets directly to XNet Objects in CCS.

VISUEYES graphically shows the subNets and connecting discrete components in XNet paths.

Diff Pair Objects

CCS includes many deatures for creating and displaying Diff Pair Objects.

Diff Pair Objects can be created for XNet paths.

Assign Classes and by-layer CSets  directly to Diff Pair Objects in CCS.

VISUEYES parametric Display graphically shows Diff Pair geometries by-Layer as you create or constrain Diff Pairs.

Classes & Class-Class

Physical, Spacing and Electrical Classes are all supported in CCS.

Physical and Spacing CSets by-layer can be assigned to Classes, and Electrical CSets assigned to Classes.

Create Class-to-Class Relational Objects to control crosstalk and voltage arcing.

Assign by-layer Spacing CSets to your Class-to-Class Objects.

Constraint Sets & Stackups

CCS displays, creates & edits Constraint Sets.

Constraints can be applied by-layer by importing your PCB stackup into CCS.

Physical, Spacing and Electrical CSets are supported, as well as Generic no-layer CSets.

Pin Pairs

Create PinPairs for selected Nets. and for PinPairs along XNet paths and with TPoints imported from your BRD file..

Quickly create PinPairs along any component flow with best-fit path mapping. Create Star pattern PinPairs by Pin or by Component.

Apply Min/Max Prop Delays loads between components or graphically in VISUEYES.

Match Groups

Create Match Groups configured by CCS for the three types of Relative Propagation timing - Simple Match, Match with Target and Relative Timing.

VISUEYES parametrically displays your RelProp timing as create and apply RelProp constraints to your Match Groups.

See and verify even the most complex timing as you create it.