CAD Data Lists

CAD Data Lists directly datamine and report your Capture DSN schematic.

Quickly the data you need, when you need it, to Engineer your Project in real-time as you work.

CAD Data Lists display on-screen, print, or can be saved to Excel-compatible text files.

DataMine for Engineering

Easy-to-use preconfigured reports are built into CAD Data Lists.

Instantly datamine for results to use in your engineering.

CAD Data Lists include:

  • Nets & Net Pins

  • Classes

  • Diff Pairs

  • Match Groups & Pin Pairs

  • XNets

  • Parts

  • CSets

Copy to Other Tools & Reports

CAD Data List results can be organized, sorted, highlighted and copied to ther tools or for inclusion in emails, reports and other communications.

CAD Data Lists are the missing link between Capture schematics and Design, Engineering and Manufacturing.

Display, Print & Excel

Report CAD Data List results using the CCS WYSIWYG reporting.


Drag-and-drop any fields to organize your change report without programming.

Reports can be displayed in real-time onscreen, printed, or saved to Excel-compatible text files.