Constraint Flows

Capture Constraint Flows to PCB Editor

In this illustrated WhitePaper, you'll see how to more fully flow constraints to Constraint Manager from the Capture Desktop.

Capture is flows net-based constraints to Constraint Manager through netlisting.

Constraint Manager is a hierarchical constraint system using layer-based CSets and Class-to-Class Relational Objects.

Capture enhanced with MakeCAP fully supports both the net-based constraint flow and a complementary hierarchical constraint flow from the Capture Desktop directly to Constraint Manager.
  • Physical, Spacing and Electrical Classes
  • Class-to-Class
  • Physical, Spacing and Electrical CSets
  • Assign CSets to Classes
  • Assign CSets to Class-Class
  • Output TCF Techfiles both generic & stackup types
  • Update Constraint Manager directly from the Capture Desktop