The $99 Board Viewer for the 99% of Us
Now with pre-Route and post-Route Manhattan Length reporting
The Cross-platform Board Viewer for viewing across disparate CAD systems
Please Watch the Movie
One Board Viewer for all your PCB tools
Connect.ViewBoard  reads and displays
the SPECCTRA DSN file format produced by all PCB Design ECAD tools
except Mentor Expedition and Zuken products.

  • A Viewer for all your Engineers, Designers, Consultants, and Outsourced Suppliers.
  • Perfect for the Manufacturing and Test Floor.
  • Great for Service Bureau clients.
Manhattan Length Reporting! Check your placement before routing for Timing! Review and report routed lengths and manhattan ratios!
See layers, planes, split planes, keepouts and regions. Turn on and off all graphical features including part and pin labels and component outlines.
Zoom, pan, with Worldview. Navigate with GOTO from lists.
Select and highlight Components, Nets, Classes and Pins/Vias, from lists and select graphically.
Detailed property reports on the Board, Components, Nets, Classes and Pin/Vias.
Pre-route inspection, check mechanical XY locations, verify components and pinouts, and measure Object-to-Object spacing. View ratsnets, color connections by Net.
Post-route review, report Net lengths and number of routing vias.
Reads and displays the SPECCTRA DSN file format produced by All PCB Design ECAD tools
except for Mentor Expedition and Zuken products.
NEW! Manhattan Length for ratsnets to evaluate placement AND manhattan and routed lengths for finished routing.
View pre- & post-route ratsnets and routed signals. Select Objects by mouse and lists.
Turn ON/OFF all features, color-code connections, review split planes and ratsnets flow.
View and color Layers, Report Board Statistics
Inspect mechanical Placement, Component Properties, check part spacing with Object-to-Object measurement
Report routed Net signal lengths, use point-to-point to measure pre-route signal paths
Connect.ViewBoard is an easy-to-use, robust Viewer used by thousands of Engineers, Designer and Manufacturers worldwide.
It includes full Help documentation.
This is your opportunity to get this powerful Universal Viewer at a great price.
Please try our 15-day FREE Trial to use Connect.ViewBoard with your own Designs.
Reads and displays the SPECCTRA DSN file format produced by All PCB Design ECAD tools
except for Mentor Expedition and Zuken products.
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